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Featured testimonial

 The initial taste is okay, but it's kind of planty. The aftertaste, however, is god awful and you will feel the urge to brush your teeth right after smoking.  

 The cigarettes feel quite relaxing while you're smoking, but there's something of a crash afterward that's hard to explain. 

 Immediately after smoking a few of them in a row, I usually get a headache with a depressing feeling that lasts for about a half-hour.  

 I'm not sure what's going on here, but I suspect it's the downing nature of carbon monoxide without the stimulating nature of nicotine to counteract it.  

 I lit one and inhaled,the taste is great and what's also great is there is ABSOLUTELY NO NASTY TOBACCO SMELL! It's smells like someone is burning an incense. 

 The taste is different but unique in its own way, not like you are smoking what you quit, but just a nice alternative. 

Featured testimonial

 Smooth, no bite. The Nirdosh have a clean, "herbal" and clove flavor and we find them enjoyable.  

 I bought this for a friend who desperately wanted to quit smoking but caved in everytime he tried due to the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.  

 Iím suggesting that one does not inhale the? Nirdosh in general. Although there is a filter, little of taste is removed. 

 Nirdosh can be used to quit smoking tobacco.Nirdosh Herbal cigarettes are made from an ancient Ayurvedic recipe. 

 These are amazing herbal cigarettes, some of the best I have ever smoked. Wonderful blend, everything is great except for two things: The filters filter a good amount of the smoke.  

 I appreciate that these are hand made! They're wrapped in leaves so they don't look like regular cigarettes. 


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